AWS EC2 instance connectivity loss due to firewall rule change

Its was hard time for me, because i learnt a lessen from production server. my pressure got shoot up till fixing this issue. Let me tell you the scenario, i was testing some powershell script between two workgroup server. script says RPC server is unavailable, i went to turn of the firewall If it on-premises … More AWS EC2 instance connectivity loss due to firewall rule change

AWS Custom cloud watch for disk utilization alert

AWS doesn’t provide direct metrics to monitor disk (EBS) volume utilization, Below is the procedure to create a custom metrics and create alarm to monitor disk utilization This should be done in indiviual machines (and it requires internet access to monitor disk utilization using cloudwatch) Base link for creating custom matrics — Download and … More AWS Custom cloud watch for disk utilization alert

office 365 – AD connect force sync commands

Open elevated command prompt (administrator) Run below commands. Import-Module ADSync importing AD connect powershell module to the current cmd session 2. Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta initiating delta policy type sync at the moment GO and check in the event viewer and confirm whether the changes take effect on both on-prem and office 365   You can also … More office 365 – AD connect force sync commands

MSSQL Database-check CPU utilization

How to check which Database is utilization more system CPU. Thanks to AWS support person charmaine from SQL team for providing this script. This script gives details about how many connections and how much CPU percents it takes for each stored procedures and functions. WITH DB_CPU_Stats AS (SELECT DatabaseID, DB_Name(DatabaseID) AS [DatabaseName], sql_handle,   SUM(total_worker_time) AS … More MSSQL Database-check CPU utilization

Netstat Library

netstat -ano   —-  To find which service is using which port in the machine. Example :- C:\Users\sathishkumarm>netstat -ano Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID TCP LISTENING 888 TCP LISTENING 4 TCP LISTENING 456 TCP LISTENING 624 TCP LISTENING 412 TCP … More Netstat Library

Apply SSL in AWS ELB

Updating SSL in AWS where ELB available Open ELB and go to listeners click change on SSl certificate select upload New SSl certificate to generate private key and Public key certificate from certificate PFX file use Open SSl tool (freeware) After installing Open SSL, go to its installed directory and open openssl.exe and run below … More Apply SSL in AWS ELB

How to Create and Apply SSL

From IIS manager, open server certificates from the Root site Create certificate request from action pane Provide require details like organization name and domain name in the Common name column Select Cryptographic Service provider property –( Select Bit length Save the CSR file as .txt file Copy the content of this CSR file (from begin … More How to Create and Apply SSL