Test SMTP Relay

  To test SMTP relay services, use the following steps. 1. Create a text file using Notepad or another text editor. The file should contain the following code. Replace the source and destination email addresses with the addresses you will use to relay SMTP. FROM: <source email address> TO: <destination email address> SUBJECT: Test email … More Test SMTP Relay

Office365 user email account change process

To Change user account from v-abc@domain.com to abc@domain.com 1. Change user login from users and computers 2. Change proxy address from ADSI edit tool as SMTP:abc@domain.com 3. Add SIP attribute as in the proxy address attribute as SIP:abc@domain.com 4. Change UPN using active directory powershell connect-msolservice Set-MsolUserPrincipalName -UserPrincipalName v-abc@domain.com -NewUserPrincipalName abc@domain.com

Migrate azure services from ASM to ARM

All you have to do with powershell since azure is not giving an easy GUI option in the portal for this migration. below are the step by step commands to do migration of azure ASM infra which contains Virtual machine with vnet attached and storage account. #powershell commands login-azurermaccount Register-AzureRmProviderFeature -FeatureName ClassicInfrastructureMigrate -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.ClassicInfrastructureMigrate Select-AzureRmSubscription … More Migrate azure services from ASM to ARM

AWS EC2 instance connectivity loss due to firewall rule change

Its was hard time for me, because i learnt a lessen from production server. my pressure got shoot up till fixing this issue. Let me tell you the scenario, i was testing some powershell script between two workgroup server. script says RPC server is unavailable, i went to turn of the firewall If it on-premises … More AWS EC2 instance connectivity loss due to firewall rule change

AWS Custom cloud watch for disk utilization alert

AWS doesn’t provide direct metrics to monitor disk (EBS) volume utilization, Below is the procedure to create a custom metrics and create alarm to monitor disk utilization This should be done in indiviual machines (and it requires internet access to monitor disk utilization using cloudwatch) Base link for creating custom matrics — http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonCloudWatch/latest/DeveloperGuide/mon-scripts-powershell.html Download and … More AWS Custom cloud watch for disk utilization alert